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Home Selling Done The Easy Way

At Barriere Homes, we buy our homes directly from sellers, and always close on a purchase once we’ve made an offer. We have built up a reputation as an independent home buyer in Downer’s Grove, IL and are committed to customer satisfaction. When you work with Barriere Homes, you don’t have to worry about the pressures of selling your home ever again. 

Still unsure? Take a look at our home buying process below.

At the point when you have a house that you need to sell quick, We Buy Barriere Homes® is your most ideal choice. We see how conditions can come up that mean you have to sell quick, without getting your home in impeccable condition first, and we’ll work with you to cause the best of what to can be a troublesome circumstance.

Selling your home the typical way or putting it available to be purchased by proprietor can take a ton of time and regularly a great deal of cash to prepare it to put available. Our cycle is directly for endless individuals, we’re America’s #1 Home Buyer. What’s more, we wager it’s ideal for you.

How It Works


With 5 quick and easy steps to sell your home for cash, it’s almost impossible not to choose Barriere Homes. Our professionals have helped countless homeowners get the highest cash offer for their homes faster than the competitors. That’s because Barriere Homes makes selling your home as easy as can be.

Once you contact us, we immediately review your information – or chat with you in real time over the phone. During which time, we are able to set up a time to view the property at your convenience. We then make a no-obligation, cash offer for the home or property.

Once you choose to accept the offer, you get to choose your closing and move-out dates while we finalize the paperwork. Upon closing day, we close with a professional & reputable real estate notary to finalize the paperwork – and you walk away with cash!

You may be confronting money related or family issues, expensive fixes, work misfortune, an acquired house you have to sell – we’ve helped property holders with these issues and a lot more to sell quick and proceed onward. A few mortgage holders have offered to us to manage confounded property title issues, dodge dispossession, move out of declining neighbourhoods and other extreme conditions.

Request a free, no-obligation consultation.

If you are worried about the state of your home when you sell it, don’t be. We will buy your home as-is and take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

Damages caused by fires, leaks or foundational problems are bound to make a home more difficult to sell. That won’t stop us from buying it!

We know how difficult it is for a child to sell the home of parents who recently passed or are in assisted living. We can help take that load off.

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say

Our guarantees

  • You won’t be up to speed in a chain.
  • You get money for your property.
  • We make the way toward selling your home very fast and simple.
  • The offer we make on your property is the thing that you will get.
  • We charge no expenses! There are NO shrouded charges. Our terms are clarified obviously before you choose to continue.
  • After we make our offer you are under no commitment to acknowledge it, nor to continue with the deal. No salesmen will reach you in the event that you don’t continue.
  • We can prescribe specialists to you on the off chance that you don’t as of now have one and, as a component of our administration, we pay the lawful expenses of your deal.
  • When your home loan is paid off, you get the equalization of your value rapidly.
  • Our sell house quick offer is a certifiable money buy offer for your property. Our offers are at Trade Price so they will commonly be between 75-85% of market esteem. Keep in mind, you pay no charges, and it will place you in the most grounded conceivable money related position.

How quick would i be able to sell my home for money?

Barriere Homes makes a quick property deal conceivable in light of the fact that we are specialists in the property market and we are money purchasers. Inside long stretches of reaching our committed group, you will get a quick proposal to sell your home quick paying little heed to condition and situation. In earnest cases we can trade contracts inside 48 hours, which means you can move inside days.


People from all walks of life sell to us, but they all share one thing in common: they need to sell a house quickly to a trusted home buyer who can make a cash offer and close on their schedule.
We’d still like to hear from you. Our buyers are interested in houses that might be good investments, regardless of condition. Whether your house needs minimal work or a lot, call us.
We follow a quick and simple process that makes things easy for sellers: 1.) Call us. 2.) Get your cash offer. 3.) Close on your schedule. …

Our bit by bit manual for selling your home quick

At Barriere Homes, we guarantee to give you an unmistakable clarification at the time we make our ‘Brisk Sale’ offer and we are consistently glad to address any inquiries you may have. Everything is clarified in our Step-by-Step Guide:
  • Connect with us at Barriere Homes.
  • Inside hours, we esteem your home and make you a ‘Sell House Fast’ offer.
  • You choose whether you need to sell your home rapidly. On the off chance that you do, we convey an understanding for you to sign.
  • We contact our group of attorneys and we act promptly to stop any repossession request on your home in the event that there is one, at that point we start the way toward purchasing your home quick.
  • In dire cases we can trade contracts in a couple of days and complete not long after. We take care of your remarkable home loan and any loaning charges you may have caused. The rest of the returns from the house deal will be kept into your financial balance, by means of the specialists, as educated by you. In the event that you have requested that we take care of any unstable advances we will likewise deal with this simultaneously.

Tips for selling your home quick

Setting up your home for watchers, or “organizing” as it’s called, is significant. It won’t just guarantee your property is sold quicker, however can possibly add a huge number of pounds to its worth.

On the off chance that you can stand by a few months, presenting your home to the full market is the most ideal approach to bring in the most cash. To sell your home quick the customary way, Mardelli proposes doing the accompanying:

Utilize top notch proficient showcasing. Great photographs can help pull in whatever number possible purchasers as fast as could be allowed.

So many land agents lately spend all their time and money trying to accumulate as many purchasers as possible, leaving no resources available for actually providing marketing services to the clients they need . It’s easy to spot this sort of agent—they often brag about what percentage homes they sell. what’s more important, however, is that the number of homes they fail to sell, and therefore the number of clients who lost time and money as a result. At barrierhomes, we care about ensuring that we successfully sell each and each home entrusted to us. While we sell many homes per year , which is basically important to us is that we are ready to help each and each client achieve success . Our job is not done just by selling your home. once you hire us to sell your home, you’re placing your trust in us and that we take that very seriously. we’ll treat your home as if it were our own, and spend the time and money necessary to make sure a successful sale.

Redesign Your Living Space

Additionally, home purchasers are consistently looking for homes that element savvy innovation and other bleeding edge apparatuses. Accomplishing this accomplishment may expect you to update your home to highlight the most recent innovation. Additionally, updating your home will help the home’s estimation and increment the possibilities of getting the home sold rapidly.

However, you don’t need to go over board to redesign your home. The kitchen, just as the main washroom, are the two most significant territories to update when intending to sell your home. A couple of updates and acclimations to these two rooms can help sell your home quicker with Barriere Homes.

Take Great Pictures of Your House

Besides, extraordinary photographs catch consideration in a split second! Potential homebuyers are more enamored by home postings that include delightful and great photography. In the event that you plan to sell your home quick, you have to take extraordinary photographs. This will show the quality and best highlights of each room in the house. This might be correctly what you have to lure likely purchasers to contact you.

Decide Your Price

Likewise, you need to decide the correct value you need to sell your home. Here, your point is to sell your home for the correct worth. You may need to complete definite statistical surveying and investigation to know how much comparable homes inside your neighborhood go for.

Notwithstanding, make an effort not to overrate your home. Doing this may wind up disheartening expected purchasers from settling the negotiation. Our master group at Barriere Homes can help decide a reasonable yet serious approaching cost for your Tennessee home.

Keep Your Landscape and Outdoor Living Space Attractive

Homes with lovely scene and environmental factors right away pull in purchasers. You can sell your home quicker by keeping the scene and outside living space engaging. Make your home’s outside and open air space as perfect as could be expected under the circumstances. Set aside effort to manage, prune, and cut off congested bushes, shrubs, and trees. With a wonderful scene, you won’t have any issue getting the home sold quicker.

Make Your Home Available For Inspection

Another tip on the most proficient method to sell a house quicker is to make the home accessible for investigation. As referenced before, purchasers are consistently looking for accessible homes available to be purchased. Be that as it may, most of these homebuyers like to do the home assessment at their helpful time, either in late nights or during ends of the week. They may not be happy to defer the review. On the off chance that you actually require 24-hour notice for a home assessment, the homebuyer may choose to skip looking at your property.

Spread the Word

Moreover, getting the message out is another pivotal tip on the best way to sell a house quicker. This includes illuminating your relatives, associates at work, neighbors, companions, and different family members that you are searching for a homebuyer. You can likewise share the home posting or post photos of your home via web-based media. Another choice is to advance and market your home available to be purchased utilizing distinctive land promoting or advertising stages.