The Barriere Process

Selling one’s house is not a small thing. It involves a lot of people, effort, and time. There can be many reasons for selling one’s house;

Whatever the reason maybe, selling a house can be a lengthy process. If you want to sell it all by yourself, you may end up failing to sell it. When one tries to sell their house, they may face different difficulties like;

Understanding the value

If you are new to the house trading market, it will take quite a lot of time for you to understand the whole process. The most difficult thing is, deciding the selling value. Because you have spent your blood and sweat to build the house, it will always be more valuable to you. But other buyers of the market will evaluate your house in practical terms. If you cannot match the market price, you can never find a buyer.

Repairing cost

For old houses, repairing costs almost 10% to 20% of the actual selling value. Repairing also takes time. If you are booking any broker or agent, they will not buy your house if they find any damage. So, you have to repair every part of the house for selling. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort. This discourages house owners from selling their house.

Take the first step:

The right broker

Hiring a broker makes the house selling process faster but you have to pay extra money for it. They charge a good amount of broker fee, house tax, closing cost, and others. So, you end up spending a lot of money only to get your house sold. If, you do not have good contact, finding a trustworthy broker is also difficult. A significant amount of risk is also involved here.


Time is another barrier. All of us have a very busy life these days. We do not have enough time to actively take part in a house selling process.

You can say goodbye to all these problems by hiring us. Barrier Homes is one of the most trusted and well reputed house selling agencies. We take your house at it is and close the deal within 10 days. This is the fastest way to sell your house. You also get a fair amount of money for your house. After investigating the house, we offer you a justified price for the house; you get enough time to make your decision. Then, if you agree, we will close the deal.

Next, the question that comes to mind is, how the house selling process takes place. The answer is discussed below;

The Barriere Process


Get in Touch With Us


Accepting the Offer


Sell Your Home

Selling your home through a real estate broker or an agent is a long and difficult process. Real estate agents will want you to do all kind of repairs and upgrades before taking into consideration. Then you have months of people who will be looking and shoppers walking through your home. Once you finally get a buyer and agree on a price you now must deal with the concerned inspectors, the list of repairs you must make before selling, and then hope the buyer’s financing goes through accordingly. This is a process that takes a few months and can cost you as much as 6% of your sale price in commissions, not to mention any closing costs, the ongoing taxes of your home, utilities, mortgage payments and upkeep over this time.

We Buy Your Home As-Is

Selling your home to Barriere homes couldn’t be any easier, any more stress-free, and any less expensive. You don’t need to do any repairs whatsoever before selling. Don’t worry, WE BUY YOUR HOME AS-IS! Don’t know how to deal with lifetime assets in the home? Don’t worry – you can take whatever you want and leave the rest. You can leave the rest of the stress and the mess to us.

A Written Offer Today

After a discrete and brief walkthrough of your home, we will make a written offer for your home. We will close asap and pay in cash in 10 days. Need more time? No problem. We close on YOUR schedule. And you pay NO commissions! No extra closing costs, no paying taxes, utilities, mortgage payments, and upkeep for months while waiting for a real estate agent to sell your home.

We understand selling a house can be a long process for you. That is why you must contact us for selling your house. You do not have to find a buyer yourself, we do that for you. You can also skip the renovation process when you accept our deal. We will fix all the damages and make it new for selling. Barriere homes offer you the best price for your house.

We are a reputed house trading company. As a result, we enjoy a great reputation and positive customer feedback. We believe in fast and simple selling. Our experts are very efficient and experienced in their job. They offer you the right value for your house. So, follow the above steps for booking us and get the best value for your house.