The Barriere Difference

Nobody Buys More Homes Than Barriere

At Barriere Homes, we buy our homes directly from sellers. and always close on a purchase after making an offer. We have built our reputation over the years by always being loyal to our customers, so you can trust us to sell your home.

Selling your home the typical way or putting it available to be purchased by proprietor can take a great deal of time and frequently a ton of cash to prepare it to put available. Our cycle is directly for endless individuals, we’re America’s #1 Home Buyer. Also, we wager it’s ideal for you.

At the point when we make you a firm money offer, you can believe that it won’t change when we close in as meager as three weeks. You’ll pay no commissions, and we’ll pay commonplace shutting costs.

Owned and Operated Locally

We work with customers in Chicagoland because we know the area like the back of our hand. Every one of our clients is a neighbor to us, so we treat them as such.

You may be confronting budgetary or family issues, expensive fixes, work misfortune, an acquired house you have to sell – we’ve helped mortgage holders with these issues and a lot more to sell quick and proceed onward. A few mortgage holders have offered to us to manage convoluted property title issues, stay away from dispossession, move out of declining neighborhoods and other intense conditions.

Rather than taking the time and the cost to fix up your home, pay deals commissions, have showings, look out for a financier’s choice, and so forth., we can make you a money offer for your home “with no guarantees.” Meaning you don’t fix anything or even get a brush; you can simply sell your home quick to our nearby property experts, precisely as it is at the present time. That can be such a consolation and spare so much time and exertion.

At the point when we state “sell your home quick,” we mean this quick – we can make a firm money offer and close the deal when three weeks from when you acknowledge our offer.

Take the first step:

Giving You the Respect You Deserve

There is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. That is why we are dedicated to giving you the  service you deserve. When you work with Barriere Homes, you don’t have to worry about the pressures of selling your home ever again. Still unsure about our offers? They never expire, so you can take all the time you need to make your decision.

Many will make you an alluring introductory offer, even without seeing your home first, just to bring down it or charge shock expenses not long before shutting. That can out of nowhere decrease the money you’ll get for your home when it’s past the point of no return for you to take care of business and put you stuck a genuine tough situation. Our firm money offer is actually that – it won’t change when we close.


The best sale

We make the best sale for your house. Our experts are in this field for a long time. They will guide you rightly regarding the sale of your house. We do not take any extra charge or commission for our sale. So, you get the quickest and simplest service with us.

Easy booking

We keep our booking process simple. Just dial our number and our executives will help you out. We are 24×7 active. Our executives are very friendly and helpful. They will assist you throughout the process. if you face an difficulty or issues during the deal or after the deal, you can directly call us. We are always at your service. A house is not only about bricks and walls. Our emotions are involved with it and give you the best value for your house. So, book us and free yourself from all the hassle of house selling.

Buying a home as it is

Yes, we will buy your home as it is. Most people do not sell their homes because of their repairing cost. With time, our homes get old. The floor and walls get cracked, the ceiling and roof get damaged, the pipe lines do not work, and the list never ends. If you start repairing all these, it may take months. Most agencies and brokers do not invest in damaged houses. If you have already relocated, things will be more difficult for you. You cannot keep an eye on the house if you are not staying in the same locality. Thus, repairing a house takes time and the selling gets delayed. You do not have to face these issues with us. We buy your house as it is. Do not worry if your windows are broken, the ceiling is leaking, or the floor is dirty. We will clean and repair all these and sell your house. This is one of our biggest selling points. This benefits our clients a lot.


House pricing

When we think of selling a house, the trickiest part is, evaluating its actual value. Every house owner spends their hard earned money on their house. When they have to sell the house, they set unrealistic expectations that do not match the market price. As a result, they do not find a buyer. This is one of the biggest problems people face while selling their house. You must set a reasonable price for your house. We have a great team who are experts and have experience in house trading. They can judge the actual value of a house after a thorough inspection. So, if you hire us, we will pay one visit at the beginning and offer you the true value of the house. You will get enough time to accept or decline the offer, there is no pressure. If you accept our deal, we will close it within the next 10 days. You can also check the market price and compare our offer with others.

Fastest selling

As mentioned above, selling a house takes time. If you are doing it all by yourself, it may take more time. Setting the value, repairing, finding buyers, all these can take months and even years. You can skip all these hassles with us. We think, the first 10 days are the best time for selling a house. After that, the enthusiasm of the seller goes down. So, we use smart selling strategies and alluring offers that a buyer cannot refuse. We always make the winning argument. So, if you let us invest in your property, we will take it as it is, and close the deal in ten days. This is the fastest way of selling your house.


We enjoy a good reputation and the best customer feedback for a long time. 100% customer satisfaction is one of our priorities. When you book us, we do not take any extra commission or broker fee. Unlike other brokers, we do not keep anything hidden from our clients. We state our deal very cleanly and keep our clients updated regarding the sale.